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Alexey Sviridov is currently featured in the lead role as Gagarin in the upcoming movie "On April 12th, 1961. 24 Hours." Directed by V. Devyatilov role "Gagarin", also be featured in "High Hopes" directed by E.Lanskaya role of "Artem".
He is currently shooting a feature film titled "Ariel - Flying Man" a Alexander Belyaev production. Alexey is also featured in "Demidov" and is negotiating other projects for the near future.

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Currently Shooting a feature film directed by Vladimir Moon "Ariel - The flying Man", based on the novel by A.Belaev, "Ariel." Alexey Sviridov will star in the role of Dotaller. Author Alexander Belyaev is best known for his science-fiction book "The Man - Amphibian."

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Actor Alexey Sviridov is greatful to the friends who inspire and present new creative projects. One friend whom Alexey works close with is Anton Viktrov, a person who has has devoted his life to search for truth through asceticism and creativity.

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